Blockchain to Bullruns: Survival of The Fittest
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Establish Your Portfolio

This course will show you that becoming successful in crypto isn’t luck; it’s a learnable skill set that you can repeatedly replicate with the right strategies.

Make Serious Money 

Mastering the art of navigating the crypto market is an extremely lucrative skill. This course will reveal all the modern strategies to capitalize on the crypto market.

Elevate Your Trading and Investing

Learn how to trade and invest in the crypto market like a professional, only using your phone and laptop: no expensive gear required.

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Make Serious Money 

That’s how much the team at the WxCafé has made from crypto.

There are various ways to make money in crypto, from trading and investing to airdrops and staking. 

We’ve explored them all and we’ll teach you to do the same. 

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Whatever level of trader you are there will be something inside the cafe for you. Great callers, great weekly ama’s and very informative recordings of a wide range of trading related topics for all levels. Sign up , learn, make money, rinse repeat


I have to say I am very happy to have joined this Server, like the old saying goes. “Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for the rest of his life” And that is the focus here, they have a ton of educational value. Also a lot of daily calls that you can follow if you want, depending on the market, if there is any movement. Overall, I am here to stay 🙂


This course will show you that becoming successful in crypto isn’t luck; it’s a learnable skill set that you can repeatedly replicate with the right strategies.


I can’t thank Ewen and the team at WxCafe enough, their market insights in both Crypto and Forex are far superior to every other channel I’ve been in. They offer tonnes of value from a trading perspective and are extremely knowledgable in how to navigate these markets. I’m 1 month in to my RoyalTea subscription and have barely scratched the surface on all the opportunities they have to offer. I’ll be recommending the Cafe to everyone, thanks again Wx team – Really appreciate the time you put in to helping the community!


An exceptional community for anyone navigating the crypto world. The wealth of knowledge shared here is invaluable for both beginners like I was and the also the seasoned traders. The supportive atmosphere and insightful discussions make learning a breeze. Thanks to wxcafe, I’ve not only expanded my understanding of crypto but also found effective strategies for generating a passive income. A five-star hub for crypto enthusiasts!


I love everything about WxCafe. Very valuable information and educational material is shared daily. A hidden gem in my opinion! Amazing analysts, accountability partners, and a team who actually cares about your growth. Well-organized and structured channels, with many learning guides, live trading sessions, and recordings. Happy to be a RoyalTea member! A no-brainer for me.


WxCafe is a trading paradise !!! Members can expect really valuable insights and profitable calls. The live sessions are gold, providing invaluable education/alpha. The expert team’s track record speaks for itself. Plus, the community is super friendly and always ready to help, a crucial feature that enhances the enjoyment of the WxCafé experience.


WxCafé provides excellent analysis, financial education, interactive live sessions, robust guides and a whole lot more to help you become the best trader you can be. Kudos to the creators for creating such a positive and informative environment. Highly recommend joining!


l’ve been a part of WxCafé since April 2022 and I can state, without a shade of doubt that this is the place you want to be if you’re a trader or an aspiring one or just want to improve your financial literacy. WxCafé provides the best trading, analysis, financial education, interactive live sessions by the best analysts, robust guides and a whole lot more to help you with whatever your goal is. Give WxCafe a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Join Blockchain to Bullruns: Survival of The Fittest and learn how to turn crypto into a full-time career.
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The Core Modules of The Blockchain to Bullrun Course

15+ Modules
150+ Lessons

Adopting The Mindset of a Trader

Mindset shifts we teach that allow our community members to become money-printing machines

Full Course: Cryptocurrency Regulations and Security

Equip yourself with the knowledge required to navigate the world of crypto safely.

Full Course: Trading Platforms, Coins, and Tools

Dive deep into various niches within the crypto ecosystem such as DeFi, NFTs, gaming tokens, Layer 1 (L1), and Layer 2 (L2).

Full Course: Trading Psychology

Learn the human and psychological elements that are the driving force of price action. 

Full Course: Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Master the skills of analyzing price charts and project fundamentals to make informed decisions.

Full Course: Risk Mitigation and Risk Management

Perfect the art of managing risk to optimize wins and mitigate losses. This is the key to your success. 

Full Course: Risk Mitigation and Risk Management

Don’t trade aimlessly. Master the correct strategies and approaches to dominate the market.

Full Course: Building Your Crypto Trading Plan

Jump into the importance of backtesting, forward testing, journaling, and much more with your trading plan.

Full Course: Real-World Crypto Trading Simulations

During this session, you’ll have the unique experience of witnessing us trading the crypto market in real time, right before your eyes.

Done For You (Live Sessions)

What better way to start your crypto journey than joining us for live trading and market analysis sessions for you to follow along?

Tools and Resources 

Explore our customer tools, resources, and recommendations to find your edge and find success.

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Receive constant feedback and round-the-clock support from our team and community members.

Live Cutting-Edge Updates, Education.

Attend our daily market analysis, educational, and live trading sessions for interactive learning and earning.

All Trade Signals and Live sessions

Busy doing life? Follow our expert analysts’ trade signals in a variety of asset classes with minimal effort.

On-Demand Learning

Access our vault of 50+ pre-recorded on-demand learning lessons covering a wide scope of topics.

Access to 10+ Professional Traders

Get exclusive time with our team of experts who will guide you through every step of your journey.

Trading Plan, Risk Management, and Performance Tracker

Learn from our trading plan and risk management guide, and access our formulated performance tracker to keep you on top of your game. 

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